LAW No 4013 - Article 8 - Powers of the President of the Authority

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Article 8 - Powers of the President of the Authority

1. The President of the Authority shall be responsible for operating the Authority in accordance with the current provisions and shall exercise all powers for that purpose. In particular, the President shall:

a) represent the Authority in and out of court and before any other public authority or third party. The President of the Authority may, where appropriate, delegate such representation to another member of the Authority, to the Authority’s legal advisor or to a member of its special scientific personnel;

b) head the Authority’s departments directly linked to the President and coordinate and direct the departments belonging to the Authority’s General Directorate of Public Procurement;

c) exercise disciplinary authority over the staff of Authority;

d) set the items on the agenda;

e) ensure that its decisions are executed;

2. The President may decide to authorize other members or bodies of the Authority to sign ‘by order of the President’ documents or other acts within his powers.