Main achievements

Over the last five years HSPPA has significantly contributed to the enhancement and the improvement of the PP system in Greece. Below we present, in short, some of the main achievements in this field:

• Consolidation and unification of PP Legislation (one Law for works supplies services contracts) - Incorporation of the new EU Directives on public procurement into Greek Legal Framework (8/8/2016 among the first 10 MS). EU 24 Dir rules applicable to contracts under the threshold (with minor deviations on time limits, publication notices)

• Adoption of the National Strategy on public procurement (January 2017).

• Establishment of 3 National Central Purchasing Bodies (1 for supplies and services contracts, 1 for supplies and services contracts on health sector, 1 for work and design contracts)

• Establishment of e-Transparency platform: Central Electronic Registry for Public Procurement (KIMDIS)

• Complete adoption of e-procurement October 2017 for contracts above 60.000 EUR (The procurement procedure, from publishing notices to submitting tenders, is performed electronically)

• Streamlining procedures: Issuance by HSPPA of Guidelines, standard documents and Standard Tender Documents (Work, Design contracts, Supply / service contracts, Framework Agreements for supplies, Dynamic Purchasing System for pupils transportation, Participation and performance Guarantee Letter), Guidances (e.g) Exclusion grounds, Selection criteria, Adapting (for CAs) and filling in (for EOs) ESPD, Award criteria, Subcontracting, Modification of contracts, Innovation procurement etc.

• National Database for Public Procurement (NPPDB)

• Charting PP Sector (Contracting authorities, entities, central government authorities, sub-central government authorities, bodies governed by public law)

• Drafted and submitted our country report to the European Commission under Directive 2014/24/EU, 2014/25/EU & 2014/23/EU.