E-Transparency Platform

The Central Electronic Public Procurement Registry (KIMDIS) is an information system - part of ESIDIS - for the registration of data by public bodies, ie by contracting authorities and contracting entities, for the purpose of collecting, processing and publishing data on public procurement, services and procurement, for projects with a budget value of € 1,000 or more, excluding VAT. KIMDIS operates and is supported by the Directorate for Development and Support of the National Electronic System of Public Procurement (ESIDIS) of the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection and is governed by the new provisions for KIMDIS of Law 4412/2016 (Government Gazette 08/07/07/148). 2016) on "Public Works, Procurement and Service Contracts (adapted to Directives 2014/24 / EU and 2014/25 / EU)", which substantially replace other legislative framework.

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