National PP Strategy 2016-2020

Short Review

In total alignment with its mandate the Authority, drafted the National Strategy on public procurement in 2016 while the Greek Government adopted, in January 2017.

It represents the first national strategy on public procurement and aims at setting up a modern, comprehensive, simple, flexible and just system of public procurement, with a 5-year implementation time-scale.

National PP Strategy Diagram

The Strategy has been structured using specific directions and objectives, as depicted in the following diagram:

National PP Strategy Diagram

Action Plan

An Action Plan that includes 98 actions and specific timetable for each one accompanies the Strategy. Moreover, each action is related with specific OECD recommendation such as Integrity, Access, Participation, Efficiency, E-procurement, Accountability and Integration. The implementation of this Action Plan is to be monitored, evaluated, reviewed and enriched, with new actions deemed necessary.

Cooperation with OECD in improving the PP system in Greece.

Based on previous experience with other relevant projects in various EU member states the OECD, aims to support the Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (SPPA), whose mandate relates to the improvement of the Greek public procurement system, in assessing progress done, following latest reforms and taking concrete actions to further strengthen the national public procurement system.

By providing the desk research, collection of the data and having stakeholder meetings and workshops, the main activities of the project will be:

  • Conduct a thorough, external assessment of the Greek public procurement system,
  • Improve the supervision, control and audit processes, arrangements and mechanism.

The final outputs are:

  • A report on the assessment of the Greek public procurement system,
  • A methodological framework for Assessing the Greek Procurement Systems, based on indicators,
  • A technical study on harmonising procurement supervision, control and audit processes and mechanisms.

The project duration is expected to be 18 months.