LAW No 4013 - Article 10 - Legal Advisor

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Article 10 Legal Advisor

1. One (1) position of Legal Advisor on a retainer is hereby established, to be filled by a lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court with at least a ten-year experience and specialisation in public procurement law, in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 par. 1, second sentence, of Law 1649/1986 (Government Gazette 149A), following an invitation for expression of interest, in which the additional qualifications required and the means of proving them for the purpose of recruitment to that position shall be specified. Article 3 para. 7 and 8 of Law 3051/2002 shall also apply to the Authority’s legal advisor, subject to Article 2 of Law 3833/2010 and the third article of Law 3845/2010.

2. The Authority’s Legal Advisor shall be vested, in particular, with the following powers:

a) to represent the Authority in court and

b) to provide legal support for the Authority’s actions and decisions with legal advice and expertise.

3. The Legal Advisor shall not, while providing legal services to the Authority, provide such services on matters of public procurement law to natural or legal persons under any privity of contract. Breach of this obligation shall constitute good cause for termination of his retainer by the Authority.

4. The Authority may decide to use the services of outside lawyers on the recommendation of its Legal Advisor. The fees paid for the services of outside lawyers shall be stipulated by decision of the Authority.