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On 18.09.2019, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the "Yiannos Kranidiotis" Hall, an event was held for the launch of the cooperation of the Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with the support of the EU Structural Reform Support Office (SRSS), in the presence of the Secretaries-General of Justice and Human Rights, Information Systems, Health Services and Internal Affairs and Organization, government officials, as well as representatives of stakeholders and key contracting authorities such as Attica Prefecture and Municipalities of Athens and Pireas. Also present were the Presidents of SEGM, Costas Kallergis, STEAT, George Syrianos, SATE, George Vlachos, and PEDMIEDE, George Benekos.

This collaboration, under the general heading "Strengthening the Public Procurement System in Greece", aims at developing a methodological framework and tools for assessing and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Public Procurement system.

The President of HSPPA, Mr. George Katapodis, welcomed the former OECD senior official and current National Transparency Authority Head, Mr. Angelos Binis, for his support for the project, as well as the EU Structural Reform Support Office for financing the program. He further highlighted the results expected from the technical assistance program for the public procurement system, and said that the time had come for words to be put into action.
Greetings were also addressed by the Secretary General of Information Systems, Professor Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, who focused on the pathogens of KIMDIS and ESIDIS, and the Secretary-General of Internal Affairs and Organization, Mr. Michalis Stavrianakis, who mentioned his past experience as an elected mayor and the problems he had faced with the public procurement system over the years. The Governor of the new National Transparency Authority, Mr Binis, referred to the issues of oversight of the public procurement system and transparency issues.

After the end of the event at the Ministry, a meeting followed up at the offices of HSPPA between the officials of the Authority, OECD and SRSS to begin implementing the collaboration and to clarify the next steps and the specific timetable expected to follow the technical assistance program. The next day a technical level meeting took place with OECD and the bodies involved in the implementation of the program.