Secure Anonymous Whistleblowing Platform

The European Directive 2019/1937 introduces provisions for the protection of persons who submit reports of violations, threats or damage to the public interest (also known as "whistleblowers"). Very often these people are the target of retaliation, living in a state of fear and threats.

In particular, criteria are provided for the design, establishment and operation of user-friendly reporting channels. Such criteria are the explicit obligation of confidentiality of information, access only by authorized bodies, the explicit protection of the identity of the reporting person, the establishment of protection procedures for both the processing of reports and personal data, under applicable law.

In the framework of the European Program WIDELY EXPANDING ANONYMOUS TIPPING TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT, OPERATION, AND TRUSTWORTHINESS TO COMBAT CORRUPTION IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE (EAT), with the support of Transparency International-Greece and the Hermes Center for Transparency and Human and Digital Rights, HSPPA adopted the relevant reporting platform, which meets the requirements for the implementation of the Directive, thus providing a secure tool for their submission.

The main features of this reporting method are the following:

  • The report is made by completing a questionnaire, which is sent anonymously, if the person wishes so. Anonymous reports are only considered if they are sufficiently detailed.
  • The report is received by the relevant official or department, that processes it, maintaining the confidentiality of the person submitting the report.
  • When sending the report, the submitter receives a 16-digit numeric code, which must be kept, in order for them to be able to maintain access to their report, to verify the response of the competent official or department of HSPPA and to communicate with the recipient of the report, responding to requests for clarification or further information.
  • The report can be made from any digital device (personal computer, tablet, smartphone). The protection of anonymity is guaranteed in any case.

You can submit your report here:

* The platform is currently available only in Greek.